Skopelos – The Green Island

If you want for your holidays the ultimate relaxation and diving in blue-green beaches, then Skopelos is the ideal island for you. The green island of the Sporades retains its original beauty and has its own rhythms that make it particularly attractive.

Made world famous by the movie “Mamma Mia”, Skopelos has managed to balance its low-key charm and authenticity. It is an island that can offer you the most relaxed, romantic holidays. Full of amazing landscapes and crystal clear seas.

Skopelos is the second largest island of the Sporades and one of the greenest islands in Greece. Here, the pine trees reach up to the endless blue of the sea, creating images of unique natural beauty.

Why should I choose Skopelos for vacation?

Skopelos Town (Hora)

The beauty of Skopelos Town, capital and main port of the island. The Town of Skopelos (Hora) has been classified as preserved, by presidential decree, in the late 70s. The labyrinth of cobbled streets, flowery courtyards, traditional architecture (with many elements borrowed from Pelion and Macedonia), numerous churches, the Venetian castle and the view of the harbor from above make this walk special.
It is worth walking from the port to the church of Panagitsa tou Pyrgos, with the unique view of the Aegean all the way. Also visit the wonderful Skopelos Folklore Museum which is housed in a renovated 18th century mansion and presents two centuries of Skopelite life. And when you want to explore the narrows of Ηora and the beach of the port. Ouzo with local mezes, traditional taverns, cafes and atmospheric bars await you.

The beaches

Skopelos has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean. It is the combination of the fine pebbles, the pine trees that caress the crystal clear waters with the emerald color. All this makes the island’s beaches magical.


Kastani, famous and crowded beach with turquoise waters. It was the setting of the movie “Mamma Mia”. If you rent a speed boat from Wind Boat Rent, north of Kastani there are some of the most beautiful and deserted beaches of the west coast, ideal for those who want to avoid the crowds.


Kastani is located right next to Milia, also one of the most famous beaches of the island. The view towards the islet of Dasia is unique. While the series of rocks, which seem to be floating in the crystal sea, divide the beach in two, creating a beautiful formation.


Next Milia, is Panormos, which stands out for its vast, windless coast paved with white pebbles. From the beach you can admire the walls of the Acropolis which was built on the Paleokastro hill and which are preserved to this day.


Stafylos is one of the most popular beaches of the island, loved by travelers and locals alike. The beach is windy and is located on the south side of the island. A place with clear blue, crystal waters. The landscape is idyllic with clear blue waters. The pine trees almost touch the turquoise waters.

Right next to Stafylos is Velanio. To get there you will walk across a small, rocky path after Stafylos. It is not a difficult route and the choice will definitely pay off. Velanio is the ideal beach for isolation and tranquility. At the edge of the beach there is a cave, where the water flows calmly and slowly from the rocks.

Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis in Kastri became famous on the big screen, through the musical “Mamma Mia”. Essentially, these are two different beaches, one next to the other, with the first being very easily accessible by car, while to reach the second you have to have a boat or climb the rocks. Impressive is the small church of Agios Ioannis at the top of the rock with a wonderful view of the endless blue!


The Andrines are very small creeks in a row. You can only approach them from the sea. Andrines uniquely combine the beauty of the green trees with the coolness of the blue sea. Rent a boat in Skopelos from Wind Boat to enjoy these and other hidden beauties of Skopelos.

The local flavors

The local goat, the rofos stew, the local lobsters caught on the island. Also the sweet pumpkin pie and the traditional sweet eggnog with Skopelos plum. They are some of the local flavors worth trying.
The famous Skopelos cheese pie, the number one traditional recipe of the island, is an ideal breakfast and snack for the beach.

Hiking among the pine forests

If you like walks in an impressive nature, then Skopelos will become one of your favorite destinations. For hiking enthusiasts, the island has an organized network of old and wonderful trails. Walking routes cross a large part of the island. Connecting old villages, medieval monasteries and dense forests. As well as the lacy coastline of a protected area of the Natura 2000 network.